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Changes taking place in healthcare require the laboratory to expand its reach and become more involved in patient outcomes. To thrive long-term in this changing environment, laboratories will need to be nimble and highly adaptable. Change, particularly of this magnitude, can be both demanding and stressful, yet at the same time exciting. Laboratories, as well as all healthcare service lines, must have the most powerful and best-fit tools to successfully navigate these changes—and no single mechanism is more valuable to a laboratory than a well-outfitted LIS.

Download Orchard’s Newest White Paper for Answers

Orchard Software has a new white paper available for download that can help you determine if your laboratory has the best-fit IT tools to adequately prepare for future healthcare business models. Over the years, LIS growth has been greatly influenced by the need for laboratories to comply with a plethora of regulatory requirements. Although these regulations continue to increase, the future of healthcare will require a shift in focus that will bring new responsibilities to the laboratory. Not only are test menus changing and expanding, but test methodologies and workflow processes are advancing. This paper helps you evaluate your current IT solutions to determine if they are meeting your needs now and for the future.

If your laboratory has an outdated legacy LIS, this may be the right time to think about whether you need to update your system to meet the changing environment. With the transition to a value-based system, cost-effective solutions become imperative. Consider the changes taking place in your facility now and going forward, and evaluate how well your current lab system meets your needs and goals for the next three to five years. Given the enormity of these changes, time spent carefully considering your lab’s future IT requirements is likely a wise endeavor.

Laboratory Data is “King”011515B

The future of healthcare will be built on data—data to support population health management and analytics to improve outcomes. To effectively promote the interoperability necessary to share the laboratory’s data and include the ability to fully and effectively mine data to promote better conclusions, laboratories need to carefully review their information system capabilities and make sure they are equipped for future needs.

In the midst of healthcare reform, this is an opportune time to heighten your lab’s productivity and efficiency. This may require more suitable information system tools with advanced configurability to meet the forthcoming needs of the laboratory industry.

011615CTriggers & Barriers

The paper discusses various triggers and barriers to beginning a discussion of LIS replacement and pulls in the expertise of several experienced laboratory consultants. The magnitude of the decision to replace an LIS, along with the challenges of implementation, pushes many labs to seek outside help from laboratory consultants.

Factors to Consider in Making a Decision

The paper explains concerns and pressures in today’s market, such as C-suite decisions to go with a single integrated system, costs of version upgrades, concerns about implementation, etc. Various factors that should be taken into consideration if you are contemplating LIS replacement or are concerned about your future IS needs are discussed. Some of the topics addressed are:

  • Advances in lab technology
  • Acceptance of cloud technology
  • POC testing growth
  • Consolidation and interoperability
  • Outreach growth
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Patient safety concerns
  • Patient focus and involvement
  • Clinical data analytics
  • LIS vendor as a strategic partner
  • Implementation challenges
  • True costs and the need for cost-effectiveness

Find an LIS Capable of Evolving with Your Lab

Use this paper as a resource to determine if you have a system that meets your specific needs and is poised to continue to do so as your lab evolves and grows to meet your clinician and patient needs. Inefficiencies in test utilization and lack of follow-up on lab results must be eliminated in order to achieve the cost savings and efficiency required by the new performance-based business models. Your LIS should have the functionality to support laboratory efforts that guide these initiatives. A highly versatile and capable LIS will be essential to further the collective healthcare goal of using technology to care for populations based on their disease-specific needs in a proactive and patient-interactive manner. Laboratory leaders need to start thinking about where the lab fits in the big picture of a value-based healthcare system and carefully consider their LIS capabilities. Do you have an LIS that can aptly support the needs of your healthcare organization and the patients you serve?

Orchard Software’s Decorated Product Suite Empowers Laboratories of All Sizes

The scalability and flexibility of Orchard’s laboratory information systems facilitate a high level of configurability that enables Orchard to support a diverse client base. Our success and breadth of expertise is our testimony to our lab focus and our ability to deliver. The recent addition of Orchard® Sequoia™, our enterprise-class LIS for large labs, gives Orchard the flexibility to expertly meet the informatics requirements of laboratories of all types and sizes.

A Strategic Partnership: Your Diagnostic Information System Vendor

To effectively perform their role in the future of healthcare, laboratories need a strategic, long-term partner, focused on the diagnostic laboratory and the structure of the data it provides. Orchard’s success comes from our commitment to and focus on the laboratory and on the changes in healthcare, and how we partner with our customers to develop, deliver, integrate, and support the very best laboratory information systems on the market.

Orchard’s Commitment

Orchard is committed to keeping you informed and being a trusted resource that you can turn to for industry- related education. As always, we welcome your feedback. Follow us on Twitter at @orchardsoftware, and feel free to respond to this post by emailing us at

Kim Futrell, MT(ASCP)
Products Marketing Manager
Orchard Software Corporation