Executive War College 2015: A Rousing Success

More First-time Attendees Than Ever

Used with permission: Copyright 2015 The Dark Intelligence Group

More than 850 laboratory executives and pathologists gathered in New Orleans for the 21st Annual Executive War College (EWC) designed to keep lab leaders informed about relevant industry changes. Discussion topics centered on healthcare moving rapidly away from fee-for-service, and the fact that that move heightens the need for labs to show their value in new ways. What was also stressed at this year’s conference was the concept that labs can leverage their data to improve patient outcomes.

052815CEWC is All About Sharing Ideas for Success

Several keynote speakers shared their strategies for shifting to a value-based healthcare system, including Sam Terese, CEO, from Alverno Clinical Laboratories in Hammond, Indiana. Sam shared their efforts to reduce costs by 25% during the next five years and to begin helping clinicians manage patients in a proactive manner, guided by lab data analysis. For example, they are monitoring abnormal Hgb A1c results carefully and making sure results are closely followed by providers.

From UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, William Wallace, MD, Chief of Pulmonary Pathology, and Corey Arnold, PhD, Assistant Professor, Departments of Radiology and Bioengineering, shared their story of collaboration. Using their internal software, radiology and pathology reports are being compiled in a single report to aid clinicians in their diagnosis and treatment of cancers.

Khosrow R. Shotorbani, President and CEO of TriCore Reference Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico, shared their goal of becoming a diagnostic health exchange. They plan to use their data to help providers with population health management.

The Laboratory Value Pyramid

Robert Michel, Editor-In-Chief, The Dark Report, presented a new lab value concept that lays out a plan for labs to move from the current environment into one that promotes best-of-class performance and value—the Laboratory Value Pyramid.

Change Takes Leadership

One of the most well-received keynote speakers was Dr. Jeffrey D. McCausland, Founder and CEO of Diamond6 Leadership and Strategy, LLC. In a rousing presentation, he walked lab leaders through the top 10 leadership concepts he believes are indispensable, with historical leadership stories to prove his points (see figure below).

Learning Opportunities Abound

In addition to the keynotes, there were more than 70 breakout sessions, round table discussions, and optional add-on workshops offering training and advice on how to manage your lab through change. Breakout sessions delved into a plethora of topics, such as molecular advances, test utilization, lab-developed tests and the FDA, PAMA, proactively engaging patients, and much more.

Orchard’s Big Announcement

Orchard’s own Matt Modleski, Vice President of Business Development, co-presented with Dr. Brad Brimhall, MPH, Professor, Pathology and Medicine, University of Mississippi Health Care, Jackson, MS in a session entitled Transforming Lab Data into Healthcare Analytics that Improve Patient Care: How Innovative Labs are Moving Outside the Lab to Engage Clinicians in Care Settings. Details of that presentation will follow in an upcoming blog post. Matt did make the very exciting announcement that we are creating Orchard Analytics, a business unit of Orchard that will offer a specialized course in medical analytics to teach data-driven pathologists and other analytic-minded leaders to successfully mine and use healthcare data to improve patient care. More information will follow in our next blog post.

To download available EWC speaker presentations, visit www.executivewarcollege.com/presentations/.

Orchard’s Commitment

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Kim Futrell, MT (ASCP)
Products Marketing Manager
Orchard Software Corporation