Webinar: Future Lab Success: Where Do POCT & Analytics Fit? Available for Viewing

Orchard Software, along with CAP TODAY, hosted a webinar entitled “Future Lab Success: Where Do POCT & Analytics Fit?” As both are pertinent and popular topics in today’s laboratory market that are being driven by changes in the healthcare system, this webinar is timely and informative for laboratorians. The event was moderated by Bob McGonnagle, Publisher, CAP TODAY. An archived version and the PowerPoint deck are available at www.orchardsoft.com/free-webinar-future-lab-success-poct-analytics-fit/

Future Lab Success:  Where Does POCT Fit?

poct-boom-4The first portion of the webinar was about how changes taking place in our healthcare system are driving an increased demand for Point-of-Care Testing (POCT). This renewed focus on POCT opens an opportunity for laboratorians to rethink how POCT is managed in their organization and maximize the advantages of POCT to demonstrate their value in the new healthcare terrain.

In addition, Orchard has a new POCT white paper available for download, Point-of-Care Testing: The Great Boom Ahead. The paper includes specific POCT case studies that demonstrate savings attributed to POCT connectivity and tips on how to ease POCT management. Use this link to access the listen on demand version and download the slides: www.orchardsoft.com/free-webinar-future-lab-success-poct-analytics-fit/.

My Journey Towards Understanding the Value of Medical Analytics

In the second portion of the webinar, Dr. Thomas Novicki, PhD, DABMM spoke on medical analytics and shared his experience in attending the Orchard School of Medical Analytics. He also shared the results of the first pilot analytics studies at Marshfield Clinic. Dr. Novicki then described a medical analytics database, listed the key resources needed for a medical analytics program, and discussed how medical analytics can contribute to your healthcare institution. Use this link to access the listen on demand version and download the slides: www.orchardsoft.com/free-webinar-future-lab-success-poct-analytics-fit/.analytics-papers

Medical analytics is a hot topic in today’s healthcare terrain. As such, you also may be interested in downloading Orchard’s recent white paper, Extending the Laboratory’s Reach to Meet Healthcare’s New Paradigm, which shares important financial and IT concepts that will facilitate collaborative analytics projects; or Meaningful Medical Analytics: Driven by Laboratory Data Integration, which includes several analytics case study examples that demonstrate savings.

Orchard’s Commitment

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Kim Futrell, BS, MT(ASCP)
Products Marketing Manager
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