Do Not Miss the 2017 Lab Stewardship Webinar Series!

Orchard Software is proud to partner with Seattle Children’s Hospital (SCH) in sponsoring a P.A.C.E.-accredited Lab Stewardship Webinar Series in 2017. Both Orchard and SCH share a belief in the importance of laboratory involvement in education about best test selection. Some of you may have heard Dr. Michael Astion from SCH speak at the last Orchard User Group & Symposium on test utilization. As a result of this shared mission, we are happy to collaborate with SCH for this webinar series.

PLUGS Promotes Best Test Utilization

SCH is actively promoting utilization management (UM) through its Pediatric Laboratory Utilization Guidance Services (PLUGS). PLUGS members collaborate to find ways to decrease unnecessary laboratory testing, thereby decreasing associated costs and errors. The program is actively developing national consensus policies that promote best laboratory test orders. Many of the speakers in our webinar series will be from the SCH PLUGS group.

Orchard Analytics Consortium Helps Users with Utilization Management

In step with PLUGS, part of the Orchard Analytics (OA) Consortium mission is to help users track utilization in order to make sure the right tests are ordered and to accurately track the costs of those tests. Consortium members are able to compare their unnecessary test ordering volumes and costs with the group average and gain other insights from group collaboration. As an additional tool, OA is developing a Laboratory Cost Calculator, slated to be introduced to consortium members later this year, to help with laboratory cost analysis. Stay tuned for more information.

Webinar Series Details

webinar series

Stay tuned for more information about the webinar series as we are still in the planning process and dates may change. As always, we are committed to bringing you valuable educational information to keep you informed and up to date on topics important in the industry.

Orchard’s Commitment

Orchard is committed to keeping you informed and being a trusted resource that you can turn to for industry-related education. As always, we welcome your feedback. Follow us on Twitter at @orchardsoftware, and feel free to respond to this post by emailing us at news@orchardsoft.

Kim Futrell, BS, MT(ASCP)
Products Marketing Manager
Orchard Software Corporation