New ABN Effective June 21, 2017

As you are likely aware, the Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN), otherwise known as Form CMS-R-131, (used for Medicare patients when payment is expected to be denied) is periodically unew ABNpdated, typically every three years. The effective date for the latest revision is June 21, 2017.

Minimal Changes

While there are no major changes, the expiration date (located on the bottom left of the form) is updated to 03/2020; and the new ABN informs beneficiaries of their rights to nondiscrimination practices and how to request the ABN in an alternative format if needed.






For detailed information from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS), consult:

How to Update the ABN in Orchard’s Systems

For Orchard customers who use the ABN in Harvest LIS, Orchard Pathology, or Copia directions to update the form in your system(s) are located on the Orchard Resource Center (ORC) There are two options available; however, option one is recommended to maintain maximum system integrity and eliminate any potential for errors in form selection.

Option One (Recommended):

The option recommended by Orchard involves updating your system with the latest build that contains the new ABN. The updated ABN will then become the default ABN template. Below is a list of the specific build numbers for Harvest v 10.0 and v 11.0 and Copia v 7.0 that include the revised ABN. Please contact technical support at (800) 571-5835 or email if you require assistance.

  • Harvest build 10.0.160707.170418 or later
  • Harvest build 11.170323.170418 or later
  • Copia build 7.170214.170420 or later
  • Copia build 7.170501 or later

Option Two

The other option involves importing the templates into an older build. However, be aware that if this option is chosen, the template being used is no longer technically the “default;” instead it becomes a custom template. This means that users cannot employ the typical method of copying the default template; they will need to copy the imported one instead.

Templates for Harvest LIS, Orchard Pathology, and Copia can be found on the ORC at: Follow the step-by-step guide on this page to load the template and select it as the new ABN default in Harvest LIS or Orchard Pathology.

For Copia, after downloading the templates from the ORC site listed above, use the following steps to import the templates in Copia.

  1. Extract the files and open them with a text editor, such as Notepad.
  2. In Copia, navigate to Administration>Customization>Layout Templates.
  3. In the “Create Templates” tab, select “Import Template From File” (bottom of the page).
  4. Copy the contents from the extracted xml file into the import text area.
  5. Select the import link above the text area.

Please contact technical support at (800) 571-5835 or email if you require assistance.

Orchard’s Commitment

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Kim Futrell, BS, MT(ASCP)
Products Marketing Manager
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