What Happens to the Lab as FFS Fades? Watch a Provocative Roundtable Discussion

In a collaborative effort to discuss the future of the laboratory in healthcare, Bob McGonnagle, Publisher of CAP TODAY, gathered with Curt Johnson, COO of Orchard Software, and Matt Modleski, COO of American Health Network, for a spontaneous and provocative roundtable discussion. The video of this roundtable has been edited and made available as a series of seven short videos on various topics pertinent to the laboratory role that is changing alongside the shift to value-based care.

Watch them all or watch specific ones that interest you:

1. Healthcare’s evolution from FFS to value and how this is reshaping the lab

The first session sets the stage as Bob asks Curt and Matt what has surprised them over the past few years that is influencing the lab’s changing role in healthcare. 8-3-2017 3-45-29 PM

2. Healthcare consolidation: Understand your lab’s value proposition

Session two hones in on consolidation. As consolidation and other changes continue in healthcare, how does a laboratory survive and where should it focus its strategy? Is the lab essential for a healthcare facility’s business to run, or is it “nice to have?” Where do labs fit in the move to population health management? What new insights or advice can these two COOs offer to laboratories? How do labs continue to make sure they provide value downstream? Curt reveals two questions every lab should be able to answer to keep their lab out of the “crosshairs of a target.”

3. Is the lab a crucial ancillary or pure commodity?

Watch session three to hear what Curt and Matt think: Is the lab a crucial ancillary or a pure commodity? How will MACRA and MIPS impact laboratory reimbursements? How important is monitoring test utilization? Where does the lab fit in providing information to the provider that improves patient care?

4. Lab’s role in population health, preventive care, and evidence-based care

In session four, Bob inquires about the lab’s role in acute care as compared to taking on risk for an entire population. Curt offers specific insights about how the lab can play a larger role in prevention, and Matt discusses how competing interests for payment confuse the focus on patient-centered care and the role of evidence-based medicine.

5. Clinical consultations: Expect sea change as labs evolve in the care continuum

Here’s a great question: How would you predict Orchard’s clients would react to the concept of pathologists and laboratorians as clinical consultants? Is this a feasible future for laboratorians? How do we change mindsets that have been FFS-oriented for so long? How do we shift the focus from processes to outcomes?

8-3-2017 3-45-52 PM

6. Point-of-care vs. POCT: How POCT supports value metrics and closes care gaps

If POCT is not on your radar, it needs to be. In session six, Bob and Curt discuss definitions of point of care and its evolution as far as uses and costs. Matt provides an example of the importance of interacting with the patient at the point of care to provide better service and increase patient satisfaction to meet quality score metrics.

7. Orchard’s focus: Orchard® Trellis™ POCT Management and Integration Solutions

Orchard is focused on the changes taking place in healthcare and understands that POCT has a larger role in value-based care. Curt reveals Orchard’s new POCT initiatives and solutions for integration and overall management of POCT. Matt brings in a perspective on how Trellis was designed and developed as an enterprise solution by a company that is immersed in the challenges of the lab, making it another Orchard product based on client needs and input, with a finger on the pulse of the rapid changes taking place in healthcare

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Kim Futrell, BS, MT(ASCP)
Products Marketing Manager
Orchard Software Corporation