Business Intelligence – Part 2

This is the second of a three-part series on Business Intelligence. Stay tuned to colLABoration for the rest of the series. Read Part 1 here if you haven’t yet.

How Orchard’s Systems Provide BI

In Orchard’s systems, data browsers are the BI tools needed to make the best use of the vast amount of data in your system database, enabling your lab to operate more efficiently, demonstrate strategic business impact, make better real-time decisions, and thus improve patient care. Data browsers can be set up to update in a real-time scenario, keeping you up-to-date on everything from order choice statuses to STAT turnaround times.

Reports can be produced to analyze historical data to provide general insights using data trends and patterns.  For example, you may monitor patient means by analyte to discover shifts between reagent lot numbers, to track specific diagnoses, or to review abnormal test results to manage disease populations.

Some key performance indicator examples are:

  • Laboratory TATs and impact on patients
  • Surveillance of high risk patients, patients on certain medications
  • Find trends and outliers
  • Track error rates, productivity and costs
  • For reference labs- track customer ordering trends
  • Billing reports to track reimbursements, by CPT code, by provider, by insurance company, etc.
  • Monitor a technologist’s or phlebotomist’s productivity
  • Volume of patients tested at your laboratory, by gender, by specialty, etc.
  • Testing volumes, by provider, by dates, by CPT code, by diagnosis, etc.
  • Schedule patient reminders to print as needed
  • Correlation reports
  • Provider ordering trends and statistics, statistics by diagnosis
  • Staffing levels by shift
  • Population data by diagnosis

Using the various data browsers (Result, Order Choice, Order, and Patient), you can select search criteria related to specific patients, order choices, orders, and tests, and then view results that match those criteria. Because all data is stored in the system as structured data, users can simultaneously pull data from a multitude of different fields, and data browsers can be used to write detailed queries. Once you have built a browser and gathered the information, you can save the criteria to use at a later date or schedule to run automatically on your preferred timetable.  The browser’s BI can then be exported into other programs (e.g., Excel), distributed as needed, or formatted for reports and printing.

Browsers have pivot table functionality to help quickly summarize the data and display the needed information more clearly. Data can also be formatted into a pie graph or line graph. These features allow managers to focus less on administrative paper trails and more on increasing productivity and quality in the laboratory.  Color coding can be implemented to signify a certain mark has been reached, such as exceeding a specified turnaround time target. Performance analytics from Orchard data browsers can be used to supplement EHR systems that may not be capable of compiling the information.

BI for Outreach

In Orchard® Copia®, you have the added functionality of automating report creation and sending completed reports to a specific user’s inbox. In addition, more in depth SQL queries can be created by the user to further configure needed reports.

For IRLs that are in competition with other reference labs, providing the best customer service is paramount to your success and translates into happier clients. Using the browser capabilities in Copia, specific client trends can be tracked and used to provide the additional support that each client needs and specific charts or graphs are configurable to each client’s individual needs. Alerts can be scheduled based on particular scenarios that can be used to bring attention to a client who needs an immediate response. Your lab then becomes equipped to see the needs of the client as they happen and maintain a pro-active relationship, responding to issues quickly, leading to desired customer satisfaction.

Kim Futrell
Products Marketing Manager
Orchard Software Corporation