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About Orchard Software

Orchard Software installed its first Laboratory Information System in Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1993. Since that first installation, more than 1,300 laboratories across the country have turned to Orchard Software—including all types and sizes of multi-site and multi-specialty clinics and physician office laboratories, hospitals, regional reference labs, fertility clinics, veterinary labs, university student health services, and public health organizations.

Improve Efficiency, Reduce Errors, and Increase Revenue

Our award-winning laboratory information systems utilize process automation, robust interface and integration tools, and rules-based technology to address regulatory and integration issues and simplify laboratory workflow. Orchard lab systems improve reimbursements and simplify the time-consuming task of medical necessity validation by automatically screening ICD-9/ICD-10 codes, testing frequency, and experimental procedures during order entry.

Seamless Integration, Laboratory Outreach, and EHR Connectivity

As an HL7 organization member and developer of stand-alone laboratory systems, Orchard specializes in seamless integration, which makes host system, EHR/HIS, billing, and reference laboratory interfaces routine, and makes linking multiple sites possible. With more than 1,200 customers, we are experts in integration and have successfully interfaced thousands of instruments, billing and practice management systems, EHRs/HISs, and reference laboratories for our laboratory customers. More than simply implementing interfaces, Orchard is actively involved in the creation of interfacing standards at several levels as a member of various organizations and international initiatives on systems integration.

Customer-driven Product Enhancement and Development

Orchard keeps growing because we listen to our customers. The input from our diverse user base drives the continuous development of our products and helps us improve and enhance our systems to provide the broadest set of features equipped to handle a variety of laboratory workflows and business situations. Orchard is committed to developing, installing, and supporting the very best laboratory systems. We’ve been recognized for doing just that, and this commitment is the reason for our success.

Award-winning Orchard Products

Year after year, as researched by KLAS, Orchard Software consistently posts some of the highest scores of any of the lab system vendors. In addition, Frost & Sullivan presented Orchard Software its Customer Value Enhancement Award in recognition of Orchard’s initiatives that have led to the highest customer satisfaction rates in the LIS industry. From the seeds sown in our first installation in 1993, Orchard Software continues to grow and develop software that makes life easier in the lab. Simply said, we’re the best, and that’s why laboratories from the boroughs of New York to the islands of Hawaii are harvesting the power of Orchard.


Orchard Harvest: Laboratory Information System

Orchard® Harvest™ LIS utilizes process automation, seamless integration, and rules-based technology to simplify laboratory workflow. Orchard Harvest LIS improves reimbursements and simplifies medical necessity validation during order entry by automatically screening ICD-9/ICD-10 codes, testing frequency, and experimental procedures. Customizable rules reduce errors and aid decision making for order routing, auto-approval of results, reflexing additional testing, automatic comments, and clinical follow-up recommendations. Orchard Harvest LIS with the Microbiology module and Orchard® Pathology eliminate paper and electronically integrate these departments with the rest of the laboratory. Orchard’s single database provides immediate access to the patient’s entire history, where clinical or molecular results and images are integrated with interpretive text on the pathology worksheet and patient report. As an HL7 organization member, Orchard specializes in the seamless integration with host systems, EHRs, billing, and reference laboratories, and linking multiple lab sites is possible. For order entry and result delivery with remote facilities and lab customers, Orchard® Harvest™ Webstation or Orchard® Copia®, provide easy web-based access and EHR integration.

products-pathologyOrchard Pathology: Diagnostic Information System

Orchard® Pathology is a comprehensive pathology information system designed to meet the future trends in pathology and handle the complexities of clinical, molecular, and pathology testing and reporting. Orchard Pathology functions as a stand-alone AP system or as a single system that includes clinical and molecular. The shared database provides access to the patient’s entire history and enables the addition of clinical results to the cytology or pathology report. Image management tools make it easy to link digital images, annotated diagrams, and scanned documents to case worksheets and incorporate them into patient reports. Information on each report is stored in discrete data fields that enhance EHR integration and simplify the process to mine data for evaluations, correlation studies, quality assurance, regulatory, statistical, and many other management reports. An interactive web-based extension provides remote access to edit, add, review, and sign out cases.


Orchard Trellis: Orders and Results Management Software

How are your point-of-care (POC) results getting into your EHR? Are they getting there accurately and in a timely manner? Orchard® Trellis™ is an orders and results management software program that serves as a simple “review, click, and go” cost-effective bridge for electronically passing orders and results between low-volume POC analyzers and your EHR. Whether your POC testing is in a Protime clinic, a pediatrician’s office, a Lipid clinic, or any other POC testing facility, Trellis is the solution designed to enable connectivity and electronically integrate POC results back into your EHR. Trellis is very flexible and deployed in a variety of ways; from our most basic installation in a small practice where a single Trellis is utilized as a simple bridge between the EHR and a few low volume instruments to Trellis being deployed in a network of multiple POC testing locations linked to a centralized lab using Orchard Harvest LIS.

Orchard Sequoia: Enterprise-class Laboratory Information System

In line with Orchard’s unwavering focus on the laboratory and the information it provides, Orchard Software is proud to introduce our newest enterprise-class LIS. With efficient use of laboratory diagnostic information being fundamental to the future of healthcare, it is crucial that labs strategically partner with a forward-thinking lab informatics partner and integration expert like Orchard. Continuous development of our products helps us improve and enhance our systems to provide the broadest set of features available to handle a variety of laboratory workflows and business situations. Orchard® Sequoia™ is designed with the needs of the ever-growing laboratory in mind, with a focus on scalability, flexibility, rules-based decision support, data analytics, and seamless integration, making it an essential tool to help laboratories flourish in our evolving healthcare system.



Orchard Copia: Laboratory Outreach and Integration System

To remain competitive, independent laboratories or hospitals with outreach must provide EHR integration and web-based access for remote order entry and result delivery. Orchard® Copia® is a flexible and powerful outreach and connectivity tool that makes doing business with your lab easy. With Copia, your clients have access to your lab via the web or directly through their EHRs. With electronic access, you not only retain clients, but you also eliminate paper requisitions, reduce errors, save time, improve efficiency, and increase revenue. Copia is designed for complex outreach business scenarios like those found in hospitals and independent laboratories serving multiple business entities. Designed to work with Orchard’s various laboratory systems or as an add-on to your existing lab system, Copia’s application is a front-end, web-based outreach system designed to increase your lab’s marketability by providing easy web-based access and direct integration to your clients’ EHRs and other information systems.

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